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How could he explain the plans when she evinced not the slightest sign that she was not already entirely conversant with them?
Virginia laughed, nor was there the slightest tremor in its note.
We can go aboard, get the child, and return without the slightest fear.
So anxious was Tarzan to rescue the child that he gave not the slightest thought to the strangeness of all the conditions surrounding the Kincaid.
Then, with a most ferocious roar, and without the slightest hesitancy or warning, he charged upon me.
He never entered nor left by the same way, so that the tropic growth on the rich soil, being so rarely trod upon, ever obliterated the slightest sign of his having passed that way.
Without the slightest outward appearance of agitation, she put the 'painful question' in these extraordinary words:
What I am insisting upon all the time is this: in me was not the slightest trace of alcoholic desire, and this despite the long and severe apprenticeship I had served under John Barleycorn.
Sir Patrick admitted the fact, without betraying the slightest embarrassment.
Laugh at me as you will, my husband is the only man who interests me in the slightest.
No one had the slightest suspicion; and when next day, taking a fowling-piece, powder, and shot, Dantes declared his intention to go and kill some of the wild goats that were seen springing from rock to rock, his wish was construed into a love of sport, or a desire for solitude.
You may charge me with murder--or want of sense--(We are all of us weak at times): But the slightest approach to a false pretense Was never among my crimes!