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Johnson spoke slightingly of Hume, Smith defended him, and their exchanges grew increasingly heated until Johnson exclaimed, "Sir, you lie
The huge MacFadden publishing empire included pulp titles like the abovementioned True Romances and True Detective as well as a daily paper, the New York Evening Graphic, often slightingly referred to as the (Porno)Graphic.
It would ill become us to speak slightingly of the work of those who have handed down to us a precious freight of human sympathy and tenderness.
The ancients took the phenomenon of friendship seriously, exploring its moral, intellectual, and civic dimensions, but both Christian writers and modern philosophers have treated it slightingly, if at all.
Some, at least, continued to see painting as an artisanal activity: William Hazlitt, who began his career as an artist, spoke slightingly of the Royal Academicians as 'manufacturers of portraits'.
The "folk" might be listening, and were pleased when people spoke well of them, and angry when spoken of slightingly.
He talks very slightingly of her letter: "I disliked its wounded, self-righteous tone, its clammy emotional logic, its knowingness that hid behind a highly selective memory" (222).
44) Juvarra, the arbiter of their merit, spoke slightingly of certain aspects, and proposed instead plans of his own.
I don't speak slightingly of Indulgencies themselves, but I laugh at the Folly of my fuddling Companion, who tho' he was the greatest Trifler that ever was born, yet chose rather to venture the whole Stress of his Salvation upon a Skin of Parchment than upon the Amendment of his Life.
In the world of movies there are what the Academy Awards call, somewhat slightingly, "short subjects," but they don't sell much popcorn.
Kirk admitted that Eliot was insensitive when he referred slightingly to "free-thinking Jews" in After Strange Gods (1934).
The following year, Oscar Wilde's Miss Prism lamented the tendency of the younger generation to speak slightingly of the three-volume novel.