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The slightness of his figure emphasised this impression of internal and external frailty.
None in their intoxicated state and with their slightness of stature would be any match for their assailant or assailants.
These films (and one may well include Pau among them) are all minimalist, poetic road movies whose ostensible dramatic slightness is counteracted with an emphasis on the physical world through which the distanced, reserved, solipsistic characters travel.
In particular, the mode of halting and the slightness of the haft head have been cited as reasons why this artefact could not have been put to any practical use.
Surely, Coriolanus is a warning against social leveling, as Brents Stirling suggests, against English citizens' "unstable slightness," and Stifling is not alone in thinking so.
Such a title could create an impression of slightness, an assemblage of aphorisms weighted down by nostalgia, but Indian Summer contains an intriguing mix of tonal hues, from cranky gruffness at human foolishness to admiring praise of nature.
But slightness and obviousness are the dominant keys of ``Schultze Gets the Blues.
The main street facade is low key; the eye is caught mainly by the contrast between the tall, substantial stone piers and the graceful slightness of the slender steel beams that spring and are suspended between them.
Pronounced by a contemporary reviewer to be 'very slight, though with a slightness that many will find agreeable', (19) Travels with a Donkey is seen by Gordon Hirsch as a 'reaction to developing mass tourism' and as recalling 'the Romantic ideal of the walking tour, with its key ingredients of freedom and the accidental' (p.
Through kimchi, I also want my students to smell Koreaness or sense Korean uniqueness with regard to its aesthetic preference for slightness as reflected in the peculiar sizes of its ancient palaces, Buddhist temples, modern skyscrapers, coke cans, and beautiful mountains in the classic paintings.
It showed the slightness and unreliableness of our social fabric.