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The researcher attributed that improvement despite its slightness to the traditional training, which has a positive effect on the level of skill performance of the control group players in the variable of motor expectation.
First, through physical description--"five foot five or six perhaps" (McEwan 2005a, 84)--that emphasizes slightness and lack of power; second, by descriptors that highlight the intellectual (and maybe even human) distance separating the violent instigator from the cultured, educated man.
One would be forgiven for wondering, however, given the apparent slightness of much contemporary art practice, whether the relationship is mutually beneficial.
The inherent duality of such lightness (lucidity versus vacuity, luminescence or triviality, lightness of touch and slightness of build) was certainly rendered with conviction and to enchanting effect on the mostly empty ground floor of a very well-curated Fridericianum, where Ryan Gander's invisibly generated breeze (I Need Some Meaning I Can Memorize /The Invisible Pull, 2012) literally blew a breath of fresh air through one of the oldest museums in the world.
Its slightness of size certainly prevents its becoming the complex whole he would require (think of how one may get lost in the thick, square body of Thomas Hardy's collected poems, which builds up a narrowly-formed but whole character), and so does its relative restriction of subject matter.
7) These numbers reflect the slightness of Thai Buddhist women's hopes for full ordination as well as their desire not be embroiled in controversy; the expansion of samaneri and bhikkhuni ordination is impeded by the potential risks of being ordained.
The slightness of the film is further confirmed by the newsreel placed at the beginning, reportedly done so at the request of the network in order to pad out the running time.
Suggesting that he is not fully matured, the stage directions stress his slightness of build (The Hunted 1/327) and tellingly continue: "But when he smiles naturally his face has a gentle boyish charm which makes women immediately want to mother him" (the classicists in the audience would perhaps think of paiderastia).
Allistouns apotheosis as the perfect captain is made less unacceptable by the realistic stress laid on his slightness and lack of an impressive personality, his smallness being emphasized in contrast to Baker and Creighton.
Some of the reviews that greeted Travis Chamberlain's snug, site-specific hotel-room production of Green Eyes, like so many reviews of late Williams, could have been written 40 years ago, they were so full of the vintage fretting about the author's terrible condition when he wrote the play, and about its slightness next to, say, Streetcar.
Right now we're just trying to get our numbers up," he said of the team's slightness up front.
Readers should not be misled by the apparent slightness of these examples; the pronouns--"most of us", "we", "your"--are routinely used in constructing the dominant cultural group as a simple a-cultural aggregation (Reicher & Hopkins, 2001).