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As the slimly sketched lover, Westphal communicates an honest devotion, while legit actor Rehberg brings real heft to Werner, whose stern exterior conceals considerable heartache.
Johnson said that because of Cooper's timing, the board that will name his replacement is his hometown commission, which is Democratic--compared to the district as a whole, which is slimly Republican.
From her black asymmetrically conical hood of hair, dexterously twisted over the lobe of one ear, descends the tracery of her slimly coiled eyebrows and the pinched elongation of her nose.
This was heightened by the recent eruption of the Mayon Volcano which left tons of sand and ash on its slopes that turned to a slimly sludge that surged down the mountainside engulfing villages, homes and people in minutes.
Berkeley, in fact, only slimly acknowledges that other human beings exist: "We may even assert, that the existence of God"--who is behind all things, always active in his creation, but oddly distant nonetheless--"is far more evidently perceived than the existence of men; because the effects of Nature are infinitely more numerous and considerable, than those ascribed to human agents" (Principles 147).
Of these, two are rated as slimly tilting toward the Democrats, fourteen are tossups.
The position of her body stretched out on the silky sheets allows the film a moment to display, and dwell upon, her slimly attractive figure; yet it is a body that appears worryingly still, and with her face hidden, she seems finally fully smothered, suffocated even, by her environment.
In the last election, they voted slimly for Al Gore but overwhelmingly to re-elect senior Republican Sen.
Although the government in Washington was divided slimly along party lines, a fair amount of agreement was achieved across party lines in several policy areas.