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1mm it rivals Sony Ericsson's Xperia Ray for slimness, yet doesn't scrimp on the specs.
Apparently, the secret of their slimness is not good eating, but just not eatingEoACA* and killing hunger with cigarettes].
Double-action-only and taking advantage of the slimness and lightness the polymer frame affords, the P290 has a very nice trigger pull.
The choice of therapy weeks ranges from fitness, harmony and slimness to health, mother and baby and detox and coaching tonic weeks.
Basically you look massive in all the places you normally go out of your way to try and look thinner in, leaving about two inches of slimness by your feet.
Maybe San Francisco could more effectively encourage childhood slimness by setting up tempting new recreational offerings at its parks, and encouraging kids to exercise, than by micromanaging the ingredients of Happy Meals.
Generally for me, slimness comes with a little bit of upset or stress.
RAK Slim helps in a significant reduction in dead load on the building structure due to almost half the weight of tiling, thanks to it slimness, a definite plus point for builders or home owners, as it results in reduced structure cost.
However, most of the men and women seeking slimness gain weight and tend to become obese mostly during the month of Ramadan
This is evident in the slimness of the volumes, the handy size, and modest prices.
Their surprising slimness and youthful looking skin despite their diet is often referred to as the 'French Paradox'.
Brand Marketing director for LG Electronics Levant, Edward Choi, said, "Going forward, the TV industry will no longer compete along basic features such as slimness and image quality.