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7%) never believed that the media has an impact on their effort toward slimness.
MOST models are recognisable for the slimness of their figures.
The (slightly) longer screen at 4" maintains one-hand usability and the slimness is enviable.
The slimness of this roster of power lesbians raises questions: Can we truly be heard?
Eating disorders are seen primarily seen in Western and industrialized countries and are often correlated with a culture that promotes slimness as a model for attractiveness.
In a society obsessed with slimness bordering on the anorexic, eating chocolate is regarded as a sin.
Prasad Ninan, project consultant and director of Ayucare Ayurveda, said the specialty therapy of the centre is a package that would ensure the client achieves optimum slimness with zero side effects within few weeks.
I could have been rich beyond my wildest dreams, or half a million pounds richer anyway if I had not fallen for all that propaganda about slimness, elegance and healthy living.
In incontinence, Unicharm has expanded its product line with a new panty liner featuring slimness and ease of use to its Charm Nap Kyusui Sarafi Long Panty Liner.
A popular nutritionist has suggested France tackle its growing child obesity problem by awarding better exam results for slimness.
PARIS, Safar 9, 1433, Jan 3, 2012, SPA -- Pierre Dukan, the nutritionist behind the popular but controversial Dukan diet, has suggested that France tackle child obesity by giving extra exam marks for slimness, Reuters reported.
Lenovo Taiwan's general manager, Justin Liang, pointed out that the upcoming TinkPads will feature slimness and lightweight as a trendy design, and will be available in Taiwan as soon as they are introduced.