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I ain't used to company--don't like it," Slim growled.
In broken glass to the Queen, God bless her," Slim answered, solemnly, without snarl or sneer.
Simultaneously Slim reached for his quoit, and Whiskers and Fatty for their rocks.
But I flashed my dough and Slim sent several of the younger men off to buy the booze.
the clerk called out, and Chi Slim, with the ease of long practice, stood up.
Vagrant, your Honor,' the bailiff volunteered, and his Honor, not deigning to look at the prisoner, snapped,'Ten days,' and Chi Slim sat down.
A slim, light-haired man standing by us, whom I had not noticed before--a man with a scar on his left cheek--looked attentively at Pesca as I helped him up, and then looked still more attentively, following the direction of Pesca's eyes, at the Count.
The slim man with the scar on his cheek was still close by us.
Somewhat to my surprise, the slim man hastened out before us, avoiding a stoppage caused by some people on our side of the pit leaving their places, by which Pesca and myself were delayed.
Clumps of fruit-trees marked the villages; slim palms put their nodding heads together above the low houses; dried palm-leaf roofs shone afar, like roofs of gold, behind the dark colonnades of tree-trunks; figures passed vivid and vanishing; the smoke of fires stood upright above the masses of flowering bushes; bamboo fences glittered, running away in broken lines between the fields.
In many successive visits we came to know his stage well--the purple semicircle of hills, the slim trees leaning over houses, the yellow sands, the streaming green of ravines.
Yes, sir, he told me so--a handsome, slim, upright gentleman, in green-and-gold.