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Simultaneously Slim reached for his quoit, and Whiskers and Fatty for their rocks.
Again he paused to kiss his hand to the memory of her, and Slim, alias Bruce Cadogan Cavendish, took advantage to interject:
Vagrant, your Honor,' the bailiff volunteered, and his Honor, not deigning to look at the prisoner, snapped,'Ten days,' and Chi Slim sat down.
It's all over but the shouting,' I groaned back, but Slim, unaware of the article, was puzzled.
With her slim fingers grasping the collar of a wolf hound upon either side of her Meriem walked on toward the bungalow upon the porch of which a woman dressed in white waved a welcome to her returning lord.
But he admired Anne immensely, and was puffed up with pride over the prospect of driving to White Sands with that slim, upright figure beside him.
Whereas many top businesspeople would barely recognize their own children and go for days without seeing their spouses, the Slims respect the traditional Latino-Lebanese family values.
Martinez left me wanting to know more about Slims everyday activities, his likes, his pastimes, his behavior toward employees, and his relationship with his family, politicians and businessmen.
Robert Beck, who wrote as Iceberg Slim, published seven books, both fiction and nonfiction, before his death in 1992 at the age of 73.