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Conveyor Application Systems (CAS[R]), based in Eugene, Oregon, is a leading manufacturer of on-road, off-road, and reload conveyor "Slingers" in the world and is the only Slinger manufacturer located in the United States of America.
More than 30 people were involved in Saturday's search for Slinger.
Looking ahead to Sunday's clash at the Millennium, Slinger said: "We are in Wales so we know there are going to be great expectations.
Mr Slinger added: ""e idea of a recruitment business that focuses on the traditional values of really getting to know the people and businesses involved to make sure they are the right match, seems to be resonating with many employers.
Mr Slinger hopes the fund will be extended in the future to offer a bursary to a local school student.
Three engines and 10 railcars derailed, Slinger Fire Chief Rick Hanke said.
I was just working my fastball and curve to keep them off balance,'' said Slinger, a lanky lefty who set down the final 22 batters he faced.
Slinger is the antithesis of the chiselled, pin-up prince.
Mold Golf Club President John Hughes is pictured right alongside Dave Pugh, Trevor Slinger and his wife Susan.
Made in Colorado, the Sleash includes a slinger with a leash attachment, and other accessories can carry bags, keys and other dog-walking necessities.
But even we have a couple of tied-on slingers who will remain nameless (but all the rest of the players would like to thank them and their family for their ongoing sponsorship of the club).