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far, researchers have seen around 100 victims of Slingshot and its related
Just shy of 100 individuals, government outfits and institutions fell prey to Slingshot in countries including Afghanistan, Iraq, Jordan, Kenya, Libya and Turkey.
So far, researchers have seen around 100 victims of Slingshot and its related modules, located in Kenya, Yemen, Afghanistan, Libya, Congo, Jordan, Turkey, Iraq, Sudan, Somalia and Tanzania.
The famous Dabgari Bazaar enjoys a thriving season of colourful traditional slingshots, now available in different designs and patterns.
Organized by the Department of Trade and Industry (DTI), Slingshot ASEAN 2017 aims to highlight the milestones of the startup community in the Philippines and across ASEAN.
If all goes well, their time with Slingshot will be short," Brown said.
To keep things under control amidst all the fun, Slingshot features electronic power assisted steering, ABS, electronic stability and traction control, and forged aluminium roll hoops.
Tan and Ang see a demand for affordable custom-built enterprise-wide system for SMEs - mainly in the service industry and retail trade, and that led to building Slingshot with mobile point-of-sales (POS), mobile ordering, cloud-based operations, and custom CRM.
As with all Field Hubs, it is GPS-enabled so that users can always locate and manage their unit through the Slingshot web portal.
Promote creativity by encouraging unique designs--for example, using the legs of a chair as the prongs of a slingshot.
They take to the quarter-mile track with a blown alcohol Slingshot Dragster, named Dorris Dormouse, which regularly attracts attention with "burnout" demonstrations - when the super-charged machine roars away in a plumage of flames.