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Additionally, the advanced Avanti Slingshot tool will provide Communicorp's customers with the ability to track orders online, enabling quicker turnaround times on jobs, and faster response times from project managers and internal work teams.
Avero Slingshot consolidates data from existing multiple point-of-sale (POS) systems into an easy-to-use, intuitive tool that analyzes trends and distributes decision-critical information.
Last year, two Dutch scientists from Leiden University uncovered what gives the reptile's tongue its superpower: The chameleon's tongue contains a launching mechanism that works like a slingshot.
Gadzoox Networks, a supplier of intelligent storage networking products, has introduced Slingshot 4218, a 2 Gigabit open fabric Storage Area Network (SAN) switch.
The most advanced slingshot on the market, this lightweight aluminum model features bells and whistles Tom Sawyer could only have dreamed of, including rotating fiber-optic sights, an internal ammo storage chamber and a recoil-reducing stabilizer.
The Company and DEKA R&D will also partner with Inter-American Development Bank (IDB) Group and Africare to bring the Slingshot technology to communities in need in rural parts of Latin America and Africa, respectively.
Growers Can Access Mixed Fleet Task Data from Raven Slingshot within the Trimble Connected Farm Solution
Slingshot, Kiwi telecommunications provider has brought in a $19 data plan with the focused at users who do most of their messaging via apps.
Joining CEO Luke Slingshot and President KariAnne Starsmith on FUN's Board of Directors is Glaznah Gassner, the trusted and successful CEO of Smartbots (CAPEX: BOTS) and Earn2Life (CAPEX: EARN).
Rumour suggests that the app, called Slingshot internally, is likely to be released as early as this month.
And like a slingshot, that kinetic energy transfers to the coin on his ear, shooting it skyward.