slip away

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She gives August the gravity and sensitivity that befits the character as written, and captures Margaret's desperation as she sees her beloved farm about to slip away.
Last week, intrepid neuroscientific sleuth Sarah Bellum tracked down a haggard-looking consciousness at one the brain's seamiest flophouses, only to let her elusive quarry slip away,
Maybe I'm wrong but the opportunity would certainly be there for them to slip away.
There was no way we were going to let the opportunity to win slip away after that.
But soloists, however long-serving, tend to slip away.
It can slip away easily with little notice of encroachment as billions more are added to the human population.
All we need to do is think back to the first time we played them this year (a 2-1 Galaxy victory featuring two late goals) because that's a game that we let slip away, and it was a terrible feeling for all of us.