slip back

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The experts' opinion is that the economy is still very fragile; therefore the economic team of this administration should ensure that the nation's economy does not slip back into recession,' Mrs Olumakaiye said.
The 26-year-old, who is due to become a father later in the year, picked up three shots before the turn plus a solitary bogey before going to -7 with two play but unfortunately he dribbled shots on both 17 and 18 to slip back out of the top 20 to tied 41st.
The UK is set to slip back into recession after the economy contracted in the first quarter of 2012, an influential think-tank has warned.
THE United Kingdom is odds-on to slip back into recession after official figures revealed economic activity fell 0.2 per cent during the last three months of 2011.
Analysts had expected stronger growth on the back of a good summer tourist season, but the latest figures increased the odds that Bulgaria's economy would slip back into recession, especially with the cloudy growth prospects of the European Union as a whole.
But Claire was convinced Kerry would slip back into drug-taking and the destructive influence of exhusband Mark Croft, 40.
Charlie will most likely slip back into his role as the "special one" but for George the world has changed forever.
Recent injury troubles have seen him slip back down the pecking order, and now he is desperate to force his way back into manager David Moyes' thoughts.
I can only hope that when his ban is up he will come back with a real big point to prove, but after Saturday's performance I don't think he is going to just slip back into central midfield.
Unless long-term funding was secured, there was a good chance the situation would slip back, said Andrew Large, director general of the Cleaning and Support Services Association.
Now let him slip back under the blog rock from which he came so he can sleep.
A string of postponements and a blank weekend have seen the Redcar-based outfit slip back to seventh and with a backlog of games and they are now playing catch-up.