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Gordon Brown weathers the backlash from the opposition benches after his slip of the tongue
Or one recalls the sad fate of several of Frank Sinatra's former associates, consigned to the depths in cement shoes for an innocent slip of the tongue.
But a butterfly is a slip of the tongue for 'flutter by.
Nobel-prize-winning particle physicist Murray Gell-Mann remembers making a discovery about strange particles through a slip of the tongue during a lecture.
But in an apparent slip of the tongue during a news conference in his hometown of Davao City on Wednesday night, Mr.
HARRY REDKNAPP is not the first pundit or studio guest to let slip a naughty word with a slip of the tongue - and won't be the last.
IT WAS clearly just a slip of the tongue, obviously not a Freudian slip, but an amusing slip all the same.
Speaking at the capital's ' brancr hc of Kuoni, situated inside John Lewis,e the adved nturer regaled the 60-strongr crow r d with tales of sampling the delights of green r ant tea, divingi on the Great r Barrier Reef and his unfortunate f slip of the tongue while talking to one of the toughest bikerk gangs Down o Under.
Zainah has responded to the uproar, and attempted to cool the situation by saying that she feels that the remark made by the miniter was not malicious and it was just a slip of the tongue.
18, if one is to believe a slip of the tongue from a representative of game accessories maker PDP at a GameStop manager's conference in Texas, (http://kotaku.
A nervous slip of the tongue resulted in Coun Gregory referring to Carrott as Jasper SHARRATT.
This was an unfortunate slip of the tongue and we apologise for any offence caused," it stated.