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I relate to it as a regrettable slip of the tongue," said Lieberman, head of the Yisrael Beitenu party, Israel's third largest faction, said.
The follow-up, 1989's Slip Of The Tongue, the only Whitesnake album with guitar wizard Steve Vai, went Top 10 and platinum and spun off the Top 40 hits "Fool For Your Loving" and "The Deeper The Love.
Prime Minister Gordon Brown made himself the butt of mockery in the House of Commons when a slip of the tongue led him to boast "we have saved the world".
But in an apparent slip of the tongue at his Downing Street Press conference, the Prime Minister appeared to suggest he had some foreknowledge of the committee's next decision tomorrow.
As she approaches her 13th birthday, her parents and brother are busily working on her birthday present when a slip of the tongue results in her parents being turned into pigs--nice pigs.
A slip of the tongue, to be sure -- but a revealing one.
DOUBLE STANDARD: Ron Atkinson is paying for his slip of the tongue but Trevor McDonald, below left, was allowed to criticise Bernard Manning, below
Her bandmates are said to be seething about her "accidental" slip of the tongue.
However, this slip of the tongue is reminiscent of another slip of the tongue by President George Bush when he spoke of a Crusade war against the Muslims in the aftermath of 9/11.
Given the temper of the times and the perspective of the Prime Minister, this is neither a slip of the tongue nor a careless remark.
Given the fashion in which America's foreign policy establishment repeatedly uses the same game plan--with only the names of the players and locations changing--it was an easy slip of the tongue to make, even for someone as plugged-in to the Establishment as Mr.
Armey is infamous, of course, for referring to you as "Barney Fag" and then claiming that it was simply a slip of the tongue.