slip off

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But he was left stranded on 34 as Michael Reed (eight) was taken at first slip off Hall.
Michael Thornely, dropped twice, was also taken at slip off the bowling of Tom Smith, while Chapple knocked back Ned Eckersley's off stump and Kerrigan had Matt Boyce caught at short leg as Leicestershire's top order collapsed.
It can become very painful when shoes are a bit loose and slip off while walking which in turn affects comfort and elegance.
He was a little stiff on his front leg, which caused him to slip off (the mound) a little bit.
When the muscle and collagen sheath stretch far enough, they begin to slip off the tip of the tongue skeleton.
He had lifted the motor home using an industrial air jack, but the ground beneath it apparently gave way, allowing the motor home to slip off the jack, King said.
Hours later, the suction cups slip off and the radio-emitting tag bobs to the surface.
Offensive linemen should not slip off a double team until the LB shows in the window.
Did the condom slip off when the penis was withdrawn after intercourse?
So it is that we might almost say silence is the tribute we pay to holiness; we slip off words when we enter a sacred space, just as we slip off shoes.
But by stalking his subjects from skewed, ever-shifting angles--crucial body parts (a foot, a shoulder, a head) frequently slip off the frame or disappear entirely behind the scene-stealing props--he lends his work both the spontaneity of a snapshot and the wholly contemporary coolness associated with formal or compositional values.