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Yes, I grant you that, but everybody cannot have hundred-dollar handkerchiefs, though they may have embroidered slippers.
His slippers, too, were gone, but his boots were left behind.
The prince took the shoe, and went the next day to the king his father, and said, 'I will take for my wife the lady that this golden slipper fits.
After George had got it off his slipper, they tried to put it in the kettle.
About the prince who couldn't find the lady who wore the glass slipper.
Never shall I forget the concentrated scorn with which the prince said to the sisters, "Neither of you ain't the one what wore the glass slipper.
Daylight ran his eyes over her, from her face to the tip of a bronze slipper, in a way that made the color mantle in her cheeks.
Bartley looked down at the toe of her yellow slipper which was tapping the rug impatiently under the hem of her gown.
Pardon me if I turn my back on you--I am going to throw my slipper at her.
When, at five o'clock in the afternoon, Rabourdin came home to dress for dinner, his wife presided at his toilet and presently laid before him the fatal memorandum which, like the slipper in the Arabian Nights, the luckless man was fated to meet at every turn.
Even as she spoke, her slipper felt for the bell and pressed it.
Well, Tommy,' said this gentleman, making a thrust at his friend, who parried it dexterously with his slipper, 'what's the news?