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This slipperiness is attained via the use of such things as video cameras in the A-pillars replacing side mirrors and a full cover for the undercarriage).
Readers hoping that Meakin will provide a unifying feminist perspective on Donne will be disappointed, but this inability to neatly categorize Donne is due to the slipperiness of Donne and not because of any weakness in Meakin's methods.
Johnson's slipperiness and ambivalent relationship to the art world is perfect fodder for Walter, who admits to a dislike of linear narratives-"They don't leave room for debris," the lanky filmmaker said at the festival.
If that means measuring the slipperiness of a waterslide, jumping a motocross bike, or paddling a kayak down a wild western river, the kids are up to it.
CROSS-GRIP also met the "Brungraber Mark II" slip test, which measures a floor's slipperiness under such conditions as grease, water, high heels, and sneakers -- withstanding horizontal and vertical forces simultaneously.
What he was shyer about saying was that the production also investigates the stone slipperiness of sexual identity that figured heavily in the film, which was based on Stephen McCauley's comic novel about a gay man and his female roommate.
His slipperiness has prevented him from advancing in any principled direction.
Besides slipperiness, there's much among the political machinations he outlines here that will seem eerily familiar to denizens of Washington: the budgetary trickery used to repeatedly over-finance government departments; the sad spectacles presented by men robbed of their power in cabinet re-shuffles; meetings that must be held closed "so no press, no posturing"; the perils of juggling bills and proposals to please too many, with the resulting hodge-podge earning nothing but disdain from those it hoped to placate.
Here Adams' work joins Michel Foucault's general project, though without the latter's slipperiness, and resembles appropriately Keith Baker's study of Condorcet, whose maitre, Turgot, is one of Adams's main characters.
Snow removal and elimination of slipperiness from sidewalks, Bicycle paths and pedestrian crossings, According to the standard for the street.
Some of his topics are the slipperiness of metaphor, the dialectic use of tone, and how to talk mean and influence people.
Parylene can increase the dry film lubricity or slipperiness of elastomeric surfaces to a level approaching that of PTFE (Teflon).