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The Billesley Common side got back to winning ways last Saturday when they demolished Harrogate 35-19 but a slipshod performance in the second half, in which they failed to heed Smith's half-time instructions and leaked three tries, was of serious concern.
Wilson concludes that Faulkner's provinciality "inevitably tempts him to be slipshod and has apparendy made it impossible for him to acquire complete expertness in an art that demands of the artist the closest attention and care.
Bankers still blow holes in balance sheets with slipshod and sometimes criminal behavior.
The shareholder vote was more than slipshod and incompetent," Blumenthal says.
The feeling of satisfaction is better than the guilt of a slipshod shipment.
A study on immune systems subjected to rigorous peer review and reexamination by the prestigious Journal of Immunology would not receive priority over a similar article by a slipshod competitor, or even a PubMed-compliant journal published by a company standing to make millions of dollars from the subject of the article.
Resembling the homework of a student who failed accounting class, Jackson's tax returns and other records reveal him to be a slipshod steward of corporate gifts.
THAT TRANSGENDER ROCKFEST HEDWIG AND THE ANGRY INCH has hit Hollywood's Henry Fonda Theatre with the show's second off-Broadway headliner, Michael Cerveris, wigging out again in the title role of an East Berlin--born wanna-be rock star now living in Kansas after a slipshod sex-change operation.
Predictably, the union that represents the current handlers of munitions says private companies will be more slipshod on the job.
Whether or not Gardner committed the murder of which he was convicted, his case is an example of the slipshod justice meted out to people on death row, who are overwhelmingly poor.
The translation is good, but the proofreading was slipshod.