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there's none of you but know That haue a child, you loue to see it clipt In dandling armes, & if the authour slipt Into a fault, because his actiue pen Begott this child, & 'tis the loue of men To wish their heires long-liu'd he hopes you'l please T'excuse his errour.
For the whale is indeed wrapt up in his blubber as in a real blanket or counterpane; or, still better, an Indian poncho slipt over his head, and skirting his extremity.
This Chain has from the Beginning, remained so firm and strong, that it has never once broke or slipt since it was first made; and we, on our Parts, shall endeavour that it remain so, unshaken, as long as the Sun and Moon shall endure.
Ser: Captaine, Lorde Lelio hetherto hath kept in Brishios house, And this night from his lee is slipt awaie, I sawe the ancor fisht, the sailes new hoist, Aske of this peasant if I tell not true.