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Her two charges were as surprised as I, and pointed questioningly to the slit, at which she shook her head.
He wanted the slit, which permitted only one of us to peep through; and so I had to forego watching them for a time while he enjoyed that privilege.
She was gone; there was a long yellow slit in the masonry once more; her light burnt faint and far within.
Another made a slit down the body; a second opened the body wider; a third with a saw cut the breastbone; a fourth loosened the entrails; a fifth pulled them out-- and they also slid through a hole in the floor.
Meriem would have demurred, but The Killer seized them both by the shoulders and hustled them through the slit wall and out into the shadows beyond.
Slits keep coming and going but 2018 is a promising one for slits.
Silopren LSR RSH (reduced self-healing) is said to be capable of providing significantly reduced self-healing of valve slits and offers potential benefits to a wide range of valve and fluid-flow products in the food, medical and infant care industries.
Water-cooled high vacuum 4 blade slits, total heat load shall be 1.
The space between the breakwaters acts as slits which cause the incoming water waves to diffract.
19 Physical Review Letters, researchers propose an experiment that encourages light to take weaving paths before striking a screen behind a barrier with two slits.
I found this lesson could be modified to become three-dimensional easily by having the students cut long strips with small slits on the long edges.
The diffraction of electromagnetic radiation by slits has been widely studied for microwave and optical applications [1-3].