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His eyes took on the yellow, slitted look nightmares give to monsters about to eat you.
I saw myself through their slitted, happy eyes and saw I'd done nothing to amend their stupidity, to ennoble them by my example.
We watered on Thursday and Friday ahead of heavy rain being forecast for Saturday morning when we got 7mm and that rain went in yesterday - we also shallow slitted the bend to give it some grip, which we do before every meeting and the jockeys agreed that we do it.
The vocal cords of the larynx form a slitted cover over the trachea.
So we may look out for beginned, bringed, slitted and stinged, for instance.
lacteus 16 2 3 18 0 3 22 1 4 26 0 4 52 0 4 56 0 4 60 0 4 64 4 8 68 3 11 72 1 12 120 0 12 (a) Specimens covered with a slitted tarp.
Until now, Kobe Steel made master copper coils in wide widths and slitted them at its Chofu Plant in Japan.
However, the sight of a young Arab man whispering under his breath to a second swarthy young man of an ambiguous ethnic background, and then closing his eyes to pray, triggered an alarm on the part of a fellow passenger who had been watching Farooq through slitted eyes during the first leg of the trip from San Francisco.