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The slitter can cut down trimming waste to 3 mm on each side on a 1,000 mm wide coil -- improving on the minimum achievable width of 5 mm on either side of our competitors in Saudi Arabia," he explains.
The slitter uses a web guide from BST Servotechnik and a tension system to ensure quick production.
The Dusenbery brand will continue its slitter rewinder evolution under its new MasterSlit trademark.
In the narrow web industry, the slitter rewinder is a crucial part of the label converting process.
will present its 'next generation' Atlas CW Series and Titan SR9 Series slitter rewinder technology for film and flexible materials at K 2013.
This company has adapted its Orion G slitter to answer the demand for slitting reduced width mother rolls of gum or bias.
This versatile unit has the power to replace all fracturable pipes and non fracturable pipes like ductile iron, steel and PVC with the ductile slitter.
Its new features include a removable anvil and an easy load system designed to accommodate most makes of rotary die, whilst the inclusion of the cartridge slitter system enables the operator to set the blades without taking them away from the machine.
Rotoflex has partnered with Unilux to give label printers and converters the ability to inspect more details at full production speed on high-volume slitter rewinders and diecutting equipment.
Offers specialty blades and knives, including slitter blades and utility knives.
The primary range of products includes sheeter knives, slitter knives, chipper knives, pulp cutter knives and guillotine knives.
Minor accidents, such as cuts from slitter blades, have been common and more serious accidents are possible.