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With the demand amongst many converters shifting to rapid changeover times, Deacro (based in Canada) is developing both removable mandrel slitters (lift-out slitters) and cantilevered slitters.
This company has adapted its Orion G slitter to answer the demand for slitting reduced width mother rolls of gum or bias.
Offers specialty blades and knives, including slitter blades and utility knives.
In wrap configured, traction-driven slitters, attempting to overspeed the lower slitter system to compensate for upper blade speed loss is impractical.
Supplies and resharpens knives for pelletizers, granulators, and slitters.
This occurs because less metal is present at the extreme tip edge and the contact pressures between the slitters cannot be supported without the metal yielding.
The businesses to be divested include North American die rule products, plastic processing products, food processing and packaging products, metal shears, slitters, and paper converting products.
We provide Converting Solutions that include top slitters, score slitters, razor slitters, razor blades, multi-grooved knife blocks, circular pera, core cutters, top slitter holders, pneumatic air holders, rotary cutoff knives, web splicers and sheeter knives, produced in a wide range of materials and finishes.
Edelmann Technology and Trascar Packaging System have forged a partnership to combine Edelmann's expertise in nonwovens winders and slitters with Trascar's packaging systems.
The semi-finished product is produced on the subsequently arranged coating line, composed of a let-off station, laminating unit, cooling section and winder, and processed to the desired final product by means of slitters.
The web path through the slitters may be either wrap or tangent; each has advantages and disadvantages.
The OSHA National Emphasis Program on Hazardous Machinery Associated with Amputations targets workplaces that use any type of power press (including press brakes), saws, shears, slicers, and slitters.