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He's contin ually putting his foot in it, as he insults the hard-working citizens of various countries he's carted off to completely gratis , with hilarious quips about slitty eyes, pot bellies, and spear throwing.
In this day and age of political correctness, the prince had been quoted making wisecracks about British students having slitty eyes after staying too long in China or a fuse box sloppily put in place probably being installed by an Indian.
That one there Jess, the slitty one, was the result of your mother throwing a plate of food down the stairs at me.
The proud presenter said: "This little man with a duffed-up face, slitty eyes, toothless, bald, bow-legged and no name, clutched me with his tiny fingers and captured my heart.
n Telling British students in China, he told them: "You'll get slitty eyes if you stay here too long.
To a group of women at a community centre in Chadwell Heath, East LondonTo a British student in China, 1986 If you stay here much longer, you'll go home with slitty eyesYou're not wearing mink knickers are you?