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And Hannibal, the largest lion in captivity, with all his teeth, captured out of the jungle after he was full-grown, a veritable king of beasts, before the menacing broomstick in the hand of a sliver of a man, backed deeper and more crumpled together into the corner.
"It might well be!" added another; "she sat on a slivered stone, and I have been thinking of telling her she was in danger for more than an hour."
They clambered up the Council Rock together, and Mowgli spread the skin out on the flat stone where Akela used to sit, and pegged it down with four slivers of bamboo, and Akela lay down upon it, and called the old call to the Council, "Look--look well, O Wolves," exactly as he had called when Mowgli was first brought there.
She had thought my rifle and pistol wonderful; but these tiny slivers of wood which from a magic rub brought flame to the camp hearth were indeed miracles to her.
His concise and engaging film, Saskatchewan, is an unusual sliver of regional autobiography, a beguiling and richly rendered response to a question common to large countries like Canada with geographical distances and mobile populations: where are you from?
Since the 1980s, Reggio has designed festivals that focus on a sliver of dance to explore depth rather than breadth.
* OLDEST OBJECT Scientists have found what they think is Earth's oldest known solid (matter with shape and volume): a 4.3-billion-year-old crystal sliver made of the mineral zirconium silicate, or zircon.
Both draw frames offer a number of innovations resulting in lower production costs, better sliver quality and easier operation and maintenance.
Tiger-tech sliver indexable drill insert 2.tiger-tech sliver indexable drill insert 3.set of screw fit adaptor with high feed 4.
As for sliver, the Sabaek report stated that sliver price have nosedived to USD 17.19 per ounce, losing only 26 cents per ounce, at the end of the week trading vis-[euro]u -vis its price at the week starting session.
Using a photonic crystal--in this case, a sliver of silicon punctuated by tiny holes--they have slowed light down to as little as 1,000 kps.
The property, a former portrait studio, will be demolished to allow for the development of a sliver building designed by Costas Kondylis.