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THE environment minister yesterday conceded that studies assessing the environmental impact of major projects are done by people with vested interests, which environmental groups said could lead to even sloppier studies compromising more sensible long-term sustainable development.
They were sloppier on the ball than in recent games but it was strangely reassuring to see Brown hoof it away a couple of times.
The next, an even sloppier affair from an almost identical delivery, this time tucked away effortlessly by Cristian Zapata.
The striker took advantage of some casual defending - and even sloppier keeping by Kasper Schmeichel - to drive home his seventh goal of the season.
Efficiency in other businesses is really rewarded, but in health care, the sloppier your business was, the more money you made.
since mom would help more with cooking, cleaning, and the kids, while dad has worse hygiene, is lazier and sloppier than mom, is more likely to say inappropriate things, and controls the TV more often.
And that has led to low morale, some loss of discipline, and sloppier performance, including the intentional violation of nuclear rules.
The 49ers couldn't have been sloppier in the first half, damaging their chances with penalties — including one on their first play that negated a 20-yard gain — poor tackling and turnovers.
We think (this) will continue for a little while longer given that negative chart picture are also contributing to the sloppier tone," he said.
It seems like the paper's gotten sloppier in the last 10years, said one focus group participant".
Like the offspring of a bromance between Leonard Michaels and Jeffrey Eugenides, the voice of these men softens as the risks get bigger and their behavior grows sloppier, but it never quite melts.
His casts will become sloppier and sloppier, until he simply goes off in whatever direction he chooses.