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Eyes also will be on comedians Tina Fey and Amy Poehler, who are jointly hosting the three-hour event for the first time and who have promised "the sloppiest, best ever" Golden Globes ceremony.
One of the sloppiest cliches to streak through comment on the game is that managers need time.
I am secretly delighted with this hump in the floor--it is a source of pride in a weird way, like having the ugliest dog, the fattest cat, the car with the most rust, or the sloppiest hat.
Having began the final day in total control, Warwickshire collapsed to 124 all out courtesy of much their sloppiest session of the season.
It is either a masterpiece of deliberate vagueness or one of the sloppiest bits of drafting you can think of in modern politics.
It was a fantastic start and our sloppiest period was the 10 or 15 minutes after we scored.
The ends will not justify the means, since there is no obvious metric for quantifying the success of a privatization agreement (unlike the private sector, in which a good return on investment can redeem even the sloppiest deal).
He is out to 'blacken the image of Israel and its leaders in 1948'; he is one of the world's sloppiest historians and certainly one of the most dishonest; he is a liar; he falsifies history; he is brazen; he 'omits and ignores significant evidence'; he deliberately slants history; he is profoundly ignorant of basic facts; indeed, his histories are 'worthless' as representations of the past'; his contempt for historical truth and fact 'is almost boundless'; he is a 'retroactive poseur'; his work is shoddy 'and has grown shoddier with the years'; by supporting the international boycott of Israel his motive is to hurt the people with whom he works; finally, Morris makes a comparison between Pappe and William Joyce, who broadcast for the Nazis as 'Lord Haw Haw'and was hanged in 1945.
Still, Berlanti's movie takes on two of the sloppiest and least-forgiving topics in all of film grief, then babies and it does so wholeheartedly, with a mild touch and an almost reportorial attention to detail,.
This section, which represents the sloppiest, most outdated scholarship, I would not wish upon any student anywhere.
Tony Wood, director of the National Spill Control School at Texas A&M-Corpus Christi said the sloppiest of the oil -- mousse-like brown stuff that has not yet broken down -- will keep washing ashore for several months, with the volume slowly decreasing over time.
I admit that I'm probably one of the world's sloppiest users of solder.