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Stoke manager Tony Pulis said: "In the first half we started sloppily and then got into the game.
Connor continued: "From there you want to get through to half-time at 1-0 but we gave the ball away sloppily and gave another goal away from having been in possession.
Some PM you can neglect or do sloppily and get away with it.
We started the second half sloppily and didn't get into a rhythm for a while.
We started sloppily but at times still showed some true class.
Huddersfield got the ball rolling when Swindon sloppily dealt with a Jim Goodwin corner and Dickinson prodded home his fifth of the season.
Meanwhile, her best friend has fallen sloppily in love with a guy they used to make fun of, but who now turns out to be a chef, a fact that endears him to her friend even more.
Reflecting further on Tuesday night's defeat, he said: "It was a bit disappointing after Saturday because we started very sloppily for the first 20 minutes and then for the last 25 minutes of the first half I thought we looked quite bright and passed it well.
Frequently, Sarah will interrupt the proceedings, as sloppily plotted as they are, to sing a chirpy little ditty about poking out people's eyes, or a seemingly earnest ballad about saving the world.
Theodor Adorno once wrote that in a false world all pleasure is false; the pleasure in Rae's painting is false in this sense--cosmetically pleasing rather than emotionally prickly, sloppily beautiful rather than eloquently harmonious.
No one likes to deal with several pages of sloppily folded information that barely fits into a letter-sized envelope.
The row took wings after Dubliner Walsh gave a dismissive reply to BA pensioner Geoffrey Pitt, 82, who accused him of being sloppily dressed.