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go about with the sloppiness the gods upon them no one will They say that if you are bottom at Christmas, you are doomed and unless United do something about it - and quickly - they could well be.
for defensive sloppiness we'd have got something out of the game.
There were many errors, sloppiness and bad judgement.
Not only because they have a duty of care towards those in custody, but also because their apparent sloppiness has almost certainly denied the Kolar family the chance to hear their questions fully answered.
Summary: Speaker Nabih Berri slammed Wednesday the sloppiness with which the issue of exploiting Lebanon's offshore gas reserves was being treated despite his efforts to ratify the oil law.
As a result, allegations of false paperwork and sloppiness are rife.
They said that due to the sloppiness infectious diseases have been causing threats to the citizens.
And I'm afraid that lack of sharpness and sloppiness carried over into the match.
Any similar sloppiness in Leeds tonight could be punished by a Yorkshire side who have posted huge wins over Leicestershire and Worcestershire, the bottom two, in their last two outings.
There was a sloppiness on our part when Doncaster scored their first goal following a corner and a sloppiness again for the second goal.
And they might have paid the price against a spirited Town, who kept going, but in the end lacked the quality to punish some defensive sloppiness from Dean Saunders' men.
He said: "When you're not at it 100 per cent and you're not alert, sloppiness sets in and St Mirren fully deserved their win.