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Rice calls sloppiness ("dirty laundry piled on the floor") and an inability to accept his own limits ("ask for directions") "numskull male behaviors.
By accepting sloppiness, we have been paying for the precision seen in Japanese and European vehicles," Creed remonstrates, 'and that's going to stop.
People were heedless from sloppiness, happiness, or avoidance.
Legend has it the pipemaster himself babysat the crew as they installed the pipe and capsule, preventing the usual fuck-ups and sloppiness.
The VOTF convention last summer was not entirely tree of the ordinary human ego-stroking, sloppiness, or hints of boredom that clerics in their more honest moments know so well.
OSHA levied $68,500 in penalties for trenching sloppiness which included asphalt pavement hanging over portions of the seven-foot trench which was being dug for water pipes.
The SST quantifies viscoelastic properties such as wobbliness, sloppiness, consistency, and texture.
Among the many reasons adduced for the awfulness of The New York Times--its arrogance, its sloppiness, its almost risible political correctness--is the paper's lack of competition.
For example, a colleague who constantly leaves a mess at the coffee machine might overhear comments uttered within earshot of the offender about the sloppiness of "some people.
The problem to which I refer is the ignorance and sloppiness and sometimes evil intent, which result in vendors not getting copies of bids.
Maybe it's a sign that some executives can buck the trend of intellectual sloppiness that has plagued television for much of its life.