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A traditional longitudinal, broad-wall, rectangular slot was used for comparison.
The fixed slots have to be a subject from the areas of literacy, numeracy and science.
If a sanctioned airline continues to misuse or inefficiently use timeslots,, the TC can recall the slot approval, suspend or cancel slot allocations of the airline.
Earlier calls to reform the airport slot process were included in a policy brief authored by Maria Cherry Lyn Rodolfo, a member of the Export Development Council Networking Committee on Transport and Logistics.
"Further, an airline that continues to misuse or inefficiently use timeslots may be relegated to a lower priority in future slot allocations," it added.
As a prerequisite, the definition of L slot is given below.
The Sands, which had the second highest gross slot machine revenue after Parx Casino in Bensalem, took in $302 million in slot revenue as compared to $304 million in 2016-2017.
Smallest mean slot height of 0.0233+.0006 " was noted in mesial slot of Db orthodontics brackets while largest mean height of 0.0258+.0015 " were present in mesial slot of Mesal brackets.
As the structure of the slot antenna can further broaden the bandwidth, therefore, most of the broadband communication systems adopt slot antennas.
Two models of the three phase induction motor stators between different stator slot size used in this investigation.
As per the telecom body, when a 4G only SIM is placed in the second SIM slot of a MediaTek enabled dual-SIM smartphone, it drastically reduced the data speeds from any SIM present in slot 1.
Funky Chicken is 25 payline farm-themed slot game with comical barnyard animals and one angry farmer spinning on its five reels.