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Since sloth bears are not known to be territorial or aggressive, in a match between a tiger and a bear, the former would likely have an upper hand.
When they arrive, they see the entire place is run by sloths who work at a little less than lightning speed.
The critically endangered bats, also known as flying foxes, will share an enclosure with a male sloth named Tuppee.
The sloth cake |(main), some of the detail closer up (top) and the cake's creator Vicki Smith
He said: "Visiting the sloth sanctuary was one of the highlights - I completely fell in love with the animals.
In short, as John Sinclair puts it, the cornice of sloth "is the only one of the seven terraces of Purgatory in which there is no prayer or office of the Church, and no reader of Dante will suppose the omission to be accidental.
Using morphologic criteria, we identified all 16 ticks collected from the sloth as Amblyomma geayi (Figure, panel B).
Exploring sloth organs during necropsies, Cliffe and the sanctuary staff at first thought the bits of webbing and adhesions were caused by old injuries.
It's gone from there to working with Dr Sloth, a lm crew and photographer to make the track.
Three-toed sloths are very difficult to keep in captivity, says Bryson Voirin, a pygmy sloth expert who has been working on sloth conservation in Panama for 10 years.
Today, the Sloth Sanctuary has saved more than 500 animals.