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The slothful sentinel opened his heavy eyes, and gazing upward for a moment at the hazy heavens, he made an extraordinary exertion, and raised his powerful frame from the support of the log.
Another observation I must make, to the honour of a diligent application on one hand, and to the disgrace of a slothful, negligent, idle temper on the other, that when I came to the place, and viewed the several improvements, plantings, and management of the several little colonies, the two men had so far out-gone the three, that there was no comparison.
It is true, they planted corn and made fences; but Solomon's words were never better verified than in them, "I went by the vineyard of the slothful, and it was all overgrown with thorns": for when the Spaniards came to view their crop they could not see it in some places for weeds, the hedge had several gaps in it, where the wild goats had got in and eaten up the corn; perhaps here and there a dead bush was crammed in, to stop them out for the present, but it was only shutting the stable-door after the steed was stolen.
The diligent lived well and comfortably, and the slothful hard and beggarly; and so, I believe, generally speaking, it is all over the world.
This is a positive result because most of the richest and advanced countries do not have our slothful habits.
If someone constantly uses the F-word as an all-purpose adjective, it makes you wonder whether they're equally uncreative and slothful in everything they do.
Craig Robertson at Dunfermline A " also came into the slothful category.
Three-fingered sloths practice an extreme slothful vegetarianism that can call for topsy-turvy dining.
However often, no matter the weather, residents tend to head indoors for their entertainment, choosing to be slothful and keeping a handful of snacks never far away.
In other words, another slow-as-evolution campaign suited to, and favouring the slothful social advancement loved by - and easily changed when convenient - all power-centred governments like Britain's.
Washington, July 31( ANI ): Parents can play a crucial role in changing their children's slothful lifestyle by increasing their own activity, according to a new research.