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It is true, they planted corn and made fences; but Solomon's words were never better verified than in them, "I went by the vineyard of the slothful, and it was all overgrown with thorns": for when the Spaniards came to view their crop they could not see it in some places for weeds, the hedge had several gaps in it, where the wild goats had got in and eaten up the corn; perhaps here and there a dead bush was crammed in, to stop them out for the present, but it was only shutting the stable-door after the steed was stolen.
The diligent lived well and comfortably, and the slothful hard and beggarly; and so, I believe, generally speaking, it is all over the world.
The slothful sentinel opened his heavy eyes, and gazing upward for a moment at the hazy heavens, he made an extraordinary exertion, and raised his powerful frame from the support of the log.
No, Jane, no: this world is not the scene of fruition; do not attempt to make it so: nor of rest; do not turn slothful.
The problem before was not only the slothful shortcuts or outright violations in due process nor the brutality and cruelty, if not unreliability, in the methods of neutralizing the suspected or labelled drug users or pushers.
He was feckless, slothful and lewd," claims one expert.
They're losing the battle of the bulge and blowing their hard earned lives (and money) on negative eating and slothful sitting for long hours.
He quoted the scriptures, including Ecclesiastes chapter 9:10 and Proverbs 12:24, decried laziness, emphasizing that, those who are slothful and depend on others, only attract poverty and misery to their families.
People are becoming lazy and slothful by spending more time on video games, Youtube, Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter etc.
This notion has been further substantiated by a study conducted by the Lancet medical journal, which found that Saudi Arabia's population is the third most slothful in the world with 68.
It's the fitness monitoring device I've had my eye on for a while now, on account of having been suckered into the kind of angst that's popular among the worried well, about the slothful nature of my Western world existence.
Nowhere, whether here or in another canto, is there any indication that the slothful pray a particular prayer.