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The slow food advocacy has since spread worldwide after it began as a grassroots movement in Italy in 1986.
She added that the slow food advocacy supports sustainable food produced by local entrepreneurs through just and environmentally friendly practices, with the products marketed through fair trade--as opposed to the highly industrialized and globalized production of processed food.
Meter of Anwar Ali Crush Machine was found slow in KhadoKhel sub division of Swabi Circle.
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The "slow city" movement, which is similar to the slow food movement, started in Italy in 1999 and has since spread to over 20 other countries throughout the world.
Slow Food is an international movement founded by Carlo Petrini in 1989, and its members commit to sourcing and using produce that is prepared as per local culinary tradition, and using high quality locally-sourced ingredients.
Ira Jaffe roots his definition of slow movies in form, in their long takes, stillness, quiet and lack of events.
Truth is, I love slow cooking, but I'd never done it in a slow cooker.
Since the announcement of the Crock-Pot Smart Slow Cooker enabled with WeMo at the 2014 International CES back in January, we have seen enormous interest in the slow cooker and its potential to bring the Internet of Things to life for consumers," said Ohad Zeira, director of product management for WeMo.
It's no surprise that Slow Food got its start in Italy, a country that has evolved its sense of taste over centuries, whether in art, architecture, design, food, or fashion.
Slow Fish seeks to recover the traditional wisdom of fishing communities, which often have not moved far from ancient fishing practices, the diets of past generations, and the known and unknown resources guarded by rivers, lakes, and seas.
Geologists are now learning that slow slip happens in all sorts of places, from Japan to New Zealand to Costa Rica.