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Anaerobic culture on growth efficient bi-layered culture plate in a modified candle jar using a rapid and slow combustion system.
In some cases, a slow combustion or misfiring event preceded a rapid combustion.
Despite the fact that a slow combustion fire was still burning on the ferry, officials deemed it safe enough for investigators to go aboard wearing gas masks against the smoke.
It might be caused by the high turbulent flow entering into the chamber and slow combustion occurred.
The slow combustion process breaks down organics and kills pathogens, leaving only an ash that can be used as fertilizer.
Snapshot Approx costs and suppliers Recycled timber double glazed windows (7) and bi-fold doors (4 panels) from 'Steptoes' $15,000 Regency slow combustion heater with fan $2,300 (on sale) Recycled hardwood flooring and kitchen cabinet timber from 'Shiver Me Timbers' $4,500 Construction of kitchen cabinet doors $700 Insulation: Walls, ceiling and subfloor $1,500 Interior paint and varnish $1,000 Lined linen blinds $5,000 (6 windows) Lights fittings and law energy globes $1,000 Weather sealing strips $200