slow down

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To that effect, Transport Canada has issued a $6,000 penalty to the vessel Petalon for an alleged non-compliance with the temporary mandatory slow down.
Mackenzie Brown, 13, and his brother have put up posters in Shepley asking people to slow down for hedgehogs
SWANA plans to continue its efforts to improve safety in the solid waste industry through the Slow Down to Get Around initiative, its new chapter-based Safety Ambassador initiative, and a variety of safety and compliance training workshops and webinars.
According to ratings agency, S&P, the growth of Islamic finance is to slow down because of a fall in the price of oil.
These cushions do not slow down, motor bikes, scooters, 4x4 cars, vans, buses, lorries, farm tractors and many more large vehicles, because all their wheels can straddle the cushions without them having to slow down.
Some people are annoyed at those who slow down to look at accident sites, but when they reach the spot, they find themselves slowing down too to have a look.
What if everyone is too busy in their "me/ mine" circles to slow down and care?
And these people who get in the overtaking lane and won't move back also slow down traffic.
Kanye's been on her the last few weeks to slow down but she's carried on regardless.
So, I hit the brakes to slow down and eventually stopped as the signal turned red.
Washington, Nov 10 (ANI): Scientists have now come up with avant-garde speed bumps, which can harvest electricity from cars when they are required to slow down or come to a stop.
CREATIVE school children from Ynysddu, Deri and Bedwas primary schools got gift vouchers to recognise their efforts to get drivers to slow down.