slow motion

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Convenientcast, now the owner of Lean Slow Motion Potion relaxation beverage, said that it pertains to gross sales in the past two consecutive fiscal years.
You can trigger slow motion (called "Tequila Time") for a few seconds for firing or stunt moves, making it easier to shoot the bad guys and add style points.
You run in slow motion and give him mouth-to-mouth.
As this was being explained, the slow motion rerun graphically illustrated its truth by focusing on an unfortunate domestic bird (no doubt a fake) which was first hurled through the window only to be sucked back through it again in phase two.
These techniques are so striking that many feel compelled to name them: everything from to "stop action" slow motion (Tsui 93-124), to "smudge motion" (Tong 50), to, as Christopher Doyle appropriately calls it, their "signature style" (170).
Life In Slow Motion is the first of his recent albums on which David and his group have been abetted by an outside producer, Marius De Vries (Rufus Wainwright, David Bowie, Madonna, U2).
Gross laughs, "You don't need slow motion because the entire sport of curling is pretty much in slow motion.
Displaying the mucosal wave in slow motion, using either rigid or flexible laryngeal endoscopes, increases the amount of available diagnostic information needed to make the right decision.
But from mogul to mogul, I found myself floating as if I were skiing in slow motion.
The company has developed a dense phase scale that is said to combine the advantages of pneumatic scales with those of slow motion conveying, while maintaining the accuracy required for quality assurance.
Slow motion is part and parcel of coverage of football, and most other sports come to that.