slow motion

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The AV Festival, which started on Thursday and has the theme As Slow As Possible, seemed ideal and Slow Motion Car Crash is one of its quirky highlights.
Yam becomes a vampire at the police station: only two brief shots (both of feet) in this heavily edited scene are in slow motion, while even the numerous acrobatic flips are captured in slightly speeded up shots.
Life In Slow Motion is the deceptively consummate product of two years of near-constant evolution, described by David as 'the tip of an iceberg' of new material generated along the way.
He found that 56 percent of the officers saw the incident in slow motion, while 23 percent thought that it happened quicker than normal.
Arms, body position, and leg motion should appear to be slow motion running.
school of broadcasting, prepackaged stories aired whole or in a variety of interruptive sight bites, the same commentary repeated over and over, and introductions which substituted sentiment in slow motion for sports in real life.
This is the perfect event to showcase our slow motion video technology system to over 20,000 lacrosse enthusiasts and coaches during a live shooting skill demonstration.
The app brings instant video replay, slow motion, and drawing tools to Android coaches and athletes, allowing them to improve their technique and fine-tune their game.
Watch people getting sprayed with silly string, feathers flying, beer splashing out of glasses, and people being punched in glorious slow-motion video in this three minute composition of the best moments from their slow motion video booth here.
Far-flung footage from some 20 different camera teams is worked into an aesthetically comprehensive overview, often informed by the credo that everything's better in slow motion.
As she performs in real-time, slow motion, and freeze-frame, Jhung provides a running commentary.
The video recording can then be reviewed in slow motion or frame by frame, by using the jog shuttle function (figure 3).