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Slow-paced music reflecting the simplicity of Tibetans was the highlight of the event.he Tibetan artistes said that traditional songs and music are very important for them to keep to their roots and live peacefully even in-exile.
Now, a second CERN group, known by the acronym ATRAP, has independently made slow-paced antihydrogen atoms.
In an apparent gamble to have games ready for the PlayStation 2 launch last year before they were actually ready, this slow-paced sniper game is about as exciting as watching ice cubes melt.
The Madison wants to convert the slow-paced Uruguayan delta into a pulse point for horseback riding, kayaking, fishing, golf, tennis--and, yes, Asian massage.
Although a new 200-room hotel, the Dutch-owned Plaza Resort, recently opened on arid Bonaire, growth has been controlled and deliberately slow-paced. But that could change, if plans go through to build condos or a resort on the privately owned Klein Bonaire (sold by the Dutch government to an Aruba-based development company in the 1970s).
Her carefully researched and scrupulously slow-paced readings interrogate existing interpretations of many portraits; the readings are subtle, critical, but never tendentious.
There's plenty of blood and gore, but the real Hitchcock would not be impressed by this dopey, slow-paced film.