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The bottom line is this," he carefully enunciated for the slow-witted.
The Office turning out to be such a global smash, however, meant that its co-creator Ricky Gervais could pretty much write his own cheques when it came to getting future projects off the ground - like the resurrection of his slow-witted but kind-hearted Derek character from gigs.
A jarring hotchpotch of syrupy sentiment, fortune cookie philosophy ("Kindness is magic") and crude slapstick, Derek's only plus point was the realisation Gervais hadn't created his slow-witted character to poke fun at the mentally impaired after all.
Like Br'er Fox constructing a doll out of a lump of tar, the mayor dresses up his plan with enough made-for-television sensationalism to lure the media to Pridemore to cover the rescue of a slow-witted kid trapped in the cave.
Instead of the usual stuff that makes pilots TV's slow-witted childrenall that endless exposition and character introduction and seminal events that set the show's premise in motionAbbi and Ilana just hang out.
The character work is nicely evident, not least in the performance of Rachel Lumberg as Jean, wife of slow-witted, overweight Dave (Roger Morlidge) who is overcome by self-doubt.
Lloyd-Pack, whose other memorable portrayals included another slow-witted role as farmer Owen Newitt in The Vicar Of Dibley, died at his home in London.
That's the big question that's answered in brutal fashion by Hugh Jackman, who plays a dad who is utterly convinced that a slow-witted local, Paul Dano, has grabbed his daughter and her best pal.
hard EIGHT C4 1aM Gambler Philip Baker Hall takes pity on slow-witted loser John C Reilly and offers to show him the ropes in Reno.
As a child of the Forties/Fifties, educated by subversive Enid Blyton references to the paedophile tendencies of Big Ears towards his young protege Noddy going unnoticed by Toytown's slow-witted policeman, I grew up calling the local constables 'plods' under my breath.
There's no piano track as some slow-witted 16-year-old Brummie tells you how her dad's dog died and that all she has ever wanted to do IN HER LIFE is sing.
Speaking before the ceremony, actor Blake Harrison, who plays hapless, slow-witted Neil Sutherland in the film, said he did not expect to take the prize.