slowed down

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Ariana Grande's song "Touch It" sounded a lot like Dua Lipa when it was slowed down.
The reports says that the economic growth slowed down considerably as a result of the dwindling investments being the consequence of the political crisis and that the main driver of growth was the final consumption boosted by the labor market improvement, the higher salaries and the public sector transfers.
He added: "It caused a traffic jam as many people stopped to look at the accident or slowed down on Sheikh Zayed Road.
The rate of quitting slowed down when the recession hit in the latter half of 2008 and there has been little change since.
I slowed down so much during my commute to the office that I stopped.
The growth rate) has slowed down and it's continuing to slow down, which is actually great news when you look at health care costs,'' said Stan Rosenstein, deputy director of Medi-Cal Care Services in the state's Health and Human Services agency.
TIE: There is a sense in the markets that you and Senator Schumer were moving at eighty miles an hour and now you've deliberately slowed down to say twenty miles an hour.
She believes that had the driver in collision with Carl not slowed down as he did, her five-year-old son could have died.
The lousy weather slowed down anything going to the docks for overseas shipment.
Construction of the Advanced Technology and Academic Centre (ATAC) at the Thunder Bay Lakehead University site is in its final stages, but had slowed down slightly due to a proposed sixth floor for the Northern Ontario Medical School (NOMS).
The ship then turned out of the wind and slowed down, which reduced the pilot's fears, thinking now the launch had been delayed.