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This double burden soon proved too much for my already overtaxed beast, and thus our speed was terribly diminished, for the others would proceed no faster than the slowest of us could go.
He is the quickest old gentleman at finding out faults that are his neighbours', and the slowest old gentleman at finding out the faults that are his own, who exists on the face of creation.
They were in three parties; of whom the first, as the most numerous and important, was the slowest, and had been overtaken by one of the others on the way up.
And when I wrote slowest and smeared but with my finger most, father was best pleased, as he stood looking over me.
The slowest A road on Teesside during rush hour was the Riverside southbound in central Stockton (A1305), where average speeds reached just 15.
A survey of the slowest A roads during the morning rush hour has revealed the worst ones are in the West Midlands.
The second slowest stretch of road in the area is the northbound portion of Grove Street/Low Hill (A5048), also in Liverpool, where morning speeds only reach 8.
Two stretches of the road figure in a Top 10 of the slowest commuter routes in the region.
RETAILERS have suffered their slowest December growth in six years after Black Friday spending disrupted the "timing and rhythm" of Christmas sales.
5 percent from a year earlier, but remained at the slowest level in five years, official data showed Friday.
In comparison, Sprint and US Cellular were ranked slowest with 1.
Trust assets in China expanded at the slowest pace in two years as per new figures.