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You wouldn't have heard him repeat the claim the UK is the fastest-growing economy in the G7, because we are now the slowest.
It added output fell at the slowest rate seen since April last year, the pace of contraction easing from that seen at the end of 2017 when the respective index was at its lowest level in 14 months.
The slowest long-distance journey between all of the cities analysed is from Coventry to Hull.
In March, total construction spending was growing at its slowest rate since September 2016 and second slowest rate since December 2011.
IF your commute is a frustrating, drawn-out affair it's because West Yorkshire has two of Britain's top five slowest motorways.
THE three Scots motorways at the centre of the colossal improvement project were all among the slowest in Britain last year, a study has revealed.
Green Star Energy was slowest to react, taking more than 20 minutes to answer a third of calls and over 27 minutes at worst, said consumer watchdog Which?
The growth rate was the slowest in Pennsylvania, with 0.
I had signed up for the 3km run that evening with the slowest group.
China's imports fell at their slowest pace in more than 18 months in May, according to official data, fueling optimism that domestic demand in the country, while still flagging, is on its way to recovery.
Global Banking News-May 25, 2016--Global investment banks see slowest start to the year since the financial crisis