slowing down

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Some people are annoyed at those who slow down to look at accident sites, but when they reach the spot, they find themselves slowing down too to have a look.
But, this will not be a period of 'closing down shop', resting on laurels and slowing down.
Slowing down a little allows the two hands to work together, not against each other.
It now seems clear from all available evidence that the housing market is slowing down, say analysts.
It appears to be slowing down but I don't think it's slowing down.
says tighter credit rules in China are slowing down that nation's metal production growth from the double-digit rates of 2002 and 2003, but added that the nation has now joined the family of the world's major consumers of nickel and nickel-bearing scrap.
Partnership manager Ray King said: "Our challenge to drivers who think it's a money-making exercise is to stop the cash flow by simply slowing down.
Despite the boom in steel, one segment that seems to be slowing down a bit is the municipal market, Goldstein says.
Some 61 per cent said they had seen a slow down in business since September 11 and the same percentage also reported the economy had been slowing down anyway over the past three months.
The idea of lactate training is to improve the efficiency of your energy systems over time, allowing you to run faster without shifting into anaerobic glycolysis, lactic acid production, and slowing down due to fatigue.
The pill, being developed in Holland, will work by slowing down production of a hormone which triggers egg development in the ovaries.