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Yes, the child has grown, has changed," said Madame Valmonde, slowly, as she replaced it beside its mother.
Ned started off very slowly with his sad load, and Robert came and looked at my foot again; then he took his handkerchief and bound it closely round, and so he led me home.
India is quite different from Yorkshire," Mary said slowly, as she thought the matter over.
Slowly she swung from her course, circling back toward us in an erratic and pitiful manner.
Forth- with the hissing and humming ceased, and the black, dome- like object sank slowly out of sight into the pit.
The soldiers who had heart to go slowly were con- tinually shaken in their resolves by a knowledge that comrades were slipping with speed back to the lines.
Xodar joined me and together we slowly retraced our steps toward the gardens.
Its rays, growing more and more horizontal, withdraw slowly from the pavement of the square, and mount up the perpendicular façade, whose thousand bosses in high relief they cause to start out from the shadows, while the great central rose window flames like the eye of a cyclops, inflamed with the reflections of the forge.
Carey stood up slowly and shook hands with the little boy.
Porthos's procureur - and that was naturally the successor of Master Coquenard - commenced by slowly unfolding the vast parchment upon which the powerful hand of Porthos had traced his sovereign will.
He put down his pipe, placed his book on one side, and rose and led her slowly round the room, holding her by the arm.
It was a long smile, too, opening slowly to its fullest extent (as if to let me in), and then as slowly shutting.