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The study included 82 breast cancer survivors who reported concerns about their cognitive function, such as poor memory and mental slowness.
More than the conditions it's the slowness of the pitch and slowness of the outfield in Sharjah," added Clarke, who has hit seven hundreds and piled up 7,209 runs in one-day cricket before the start of the second one-day match against Pakistan.
Gerard Gallagher, advisory partner and head of private sectors at Ernst & Young, said: "The UK is focused on the effects of cost-cutting and fears of a double-dip recession, reflecting slowness in economic growth.
It is the slowness that makes exercise so productive.
Honore also slips like a river otter into fluid generalizations: He links, for example, the boom in Buddhism with the boom in evangelical fundamentalism and attributes both to a craving for slowness.
Both the Fairfield and Westchester County commercial real estate office markets have shown relative stability thus far this year despite ongoing national economic slowness.
Clearly, some of the FDA's slowness and inactivity is due to inadequate staffing.
Making matters worse is the ministry's slowness in increasing funding at a pace that keeps up with these rising costs, increased legal expenses and union wage settlements.
With agonizing slowness, his couple struggled with attraction, ambiguity, and revulsion.
It could be said that--for reasons pertaining to both out oil dependency and our slowness at cutting that cord--we currently operate in a "fossil economy.
That slowness, though, hasn't kept Mexicans from downing an average of 17 million Big Macs a year.
To me, a commodity is 'characterized by not only ubiquity, but by slowness to change.