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The research team previously reported that Slug plays a central role in some types of breast can cers.
The results revealed that water very rarely attracted slugs (on average one slug every 30-40 days), while, despite the dry conditions, lager attracted and caught an average of six slugs every three to four days and bitter attracted an average of five slugs over the same time frame.
Other slug killers include Carob beetles and centipedes.
Laboratory studies were conducted to evaluate the effectiveness of various materials to prevent slug feeding.
The surface soil will be dry by the evening and studies show this can reduce slug damage by up to 80 per cent.
This is very important for baiting and slaying slugs. Know your enemy!
The John Innes Centre for plant science in Norwich said it takes 20 pellets to kill one Spanish slug, and recommended a saucer of beer as the best method of killing the pests.
That said, I have safely fired 12-gauge slugs in a vintage Full-choked Remington 870 shotgun; however, the Full choke did not provide optimal accuracy with all brands of slugs.
"Thus next spring there's probably going to be an even bigger slug and snail problem."
Not everyone is going to invest in a fully rifled, dedicated slug gun, so we wanted to see the advantages a rifled tube might bring to the table.
There are more than 30 types of slug in the UK, some 95% of which are underground, nibbling on seeds and roots and laying 20-100 eggs multiple times every year.
The leopard slug, aka Limax maximus, might be worth leaving alone as it is carnivorous and will eat other slugs