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It is certain that sluggish folk are of all men the most earnest in tiring themselves, not when they are at work, but at play.
He was probably accustomed to a sad monotony of life, not so much flowing in a stream, however sluggish, as stagnating in a pool around his feet.
Asa evidently struggled with himself to compel the required obedience, but his heavy nature quietly sunk into its ordinary repose, and he soon appeared again the being he really was; dangerous, only, at moments, and one whose passions were too sluggish to be long maintained at the point of ferocity.
Besides, such is the breadth of the upper part of the front of his head, and such the tapering cut-water formation of the lower part, that by obliquely elevating his head, he thereby may be said to transform himself from a bluff-bowed sluggish galliot into a sharp-pointed New York pilot-boat.
No echoes of that discord shall be heard Where Father Tagus rolls, or on the banks Of olive-bordered Betis; to the rocks Or in deep caverns shall my plaint be told, And by a lifeless tongue in living words; Or in dark valleys or on lonely shores, Where neither foot of man nor sunbeam falls; Or in among the poison-breathing swarms Of monsters nourished by the sluggish Nile.
The people smiled mysteriously in the streets, and threw bold glances at their oppressors; while far and wide there was a subdued and silent agitation, as if the slightest signal would rouse the whole land from its sluggish despondency.
He immediately made him the butt of his pleasantries; and cracked off two or three good hits, that caused the sluggish dolt to prick up his ears, and delighted all the company.
He said that performance of all police officials would be reviewed on March 3, and those involved in sluggish policing would had to face action.
The stock barometer started the week on a sluggish note as investors continued to lock up gains after the market's recent surge to new highs.
Sluggish lending and bad loans are having an adverse effect on a rally of commercial banks in Indonesia.
Summary: According to the World BankEe's recently published MENA Economic Monitor, in the absence of political progress, sluggish economic conditions are expected to persist in 2016.
This sluggish performance in the UK is being compounded by uncertainty over the health of the global economy.