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Seaweed is salty, which slugs hate and, during hot weather, it becomes a rough gauntlet for them to climb over.
Caption: Slugs can eat many times their own weight each day.
The Spanish slugs are believed to have hitched a ride to the UK on salad leaves in 2010 and were thought to have been wiped out by cold weather, but milder temperatures mean they are now back in force.
Foster-type slugs are designed to be used in smoothbore barrels.
What would happen if we used "for smoothbore barrel" rifled slugs in a rifled barrel or "for rifled barrel" sabots in a smoothbore?
Paul Hetherington, director of fundraising and communications at the charity BugLife, says: "All the anecdotal evidence points to the sheer numbers of slugs and snails this year.
There are more than 30 types of slug in the UK, some 95 per cent of which are underground, nibbling on seeds and roots and laying 20-100 eggs multiple times every year.
The classic slug trap is beer in a saucer that is sunk level to the ground.
Two smaller species in this family, Arion Iratii and Arion Fagophilus were found only in woodlands in South Wales, and are most closely related to slugs from the Pyrenees of Spain and France.
They provide the perfect hiding places for slugs in the daytime.
When the as-yet-unnamed slugs mate, one organ delivers the sperm to the female opening on another slug's body.
Within 10 days, there had been 18,000 visitors to the site and more than 800 submissions, some reporting the Spanish slugs, Dr Bedford confirms.