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Slugs fall in and drown - you just have to hope they head straight to the beer trap before they eat all your plants.
Of these, 114 involved Metaldehyde, which is the toxic ingredient in slug pellets.
A copper strip around each pot stops slugs passing over it - they don't like the static shock.
Two smaller species in this family, Arion Iratii and Arion Fagophilus were found only in woodlands in South Wales, and are most closely related to slugs from the Pyrenees of Spain and France.
Slugs are essentially snails without shells, Dill said.
In the matings that Lange observed, all slugs stabbed their partners in the head, rather than a different body zone or a mix of targets as related slugs do.
Last year, however, was a different story as, following a mild spring and wet summer, Dr Bedford found Spanish slugs ravaging his own garden in Norfolk.
Other plants not favoured by slugs include azaleas, pieris, geraniums, mature shrubs and conifers, although Dr Bedford points out that last year Spanish slugs ate his buddleia and rudbeckias.
He's done exactly that with today's lead-free lines of Sauvestre rifle and shotgun slug ammunition.
As slugs and snails are particularly rampant in my area, I have resorted to putting young leafy plants, which these pests love, in pots and either placing the pots on metal stands which slugs have trouble in climbing, or putting copper strips around the pots to deter them.
The best of today's slugs and slug guns can de liver accuracy as good as many ordinary hunting rifles out to 100 yards, 150 yards, and even beyond.