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Around him and within him the flight of thought seemed to have stopped; his energetic mind slumbered, as the body does after extreme fatigue.
These two had slumbered in an embrace, but the weapon had been allowed in time to fall unheeded to the ground.
And little Clover bloomed once more, Rosy, and sweet, and fair, And patiently watched by the mossy bed, For the worm still slumbered there.
Agitation of spirit kept me awake for many long hours; but at length I again slumbered.
Thus while the fellow slumbered on the divan I would sit upstairs in my room setting down on paper those great words of passion and sorrow that seethed in my brain and even must have forced themselves in murmurs on to my lips, because the man by my side suddenly asked me: "What did you say?
Some blankets rolled in a waterproof lay upon that very stone slab upon which Neolithic man had once slumbered.
The fire went out, and all night long she slumbered thus before the ashy grate.
He strove hard to resist it, and repeatedly opened his eyes to plunge into the outer darkness one of those looks that see nothing; but at last, yielding to fatigue, he sank back and slumbered.
The mother spent whole nights in weeping and lamenting, while all the time the cause of her grief slumbered peacefully.
He pinched himself sharply, but, finding he was awake, sat up in bed, while the other slumbered as peacefully as though he were safe and sound at home in Emmet Priory.
The night wayfarers had passed away, the great army of toilers as yet slumbered.
He saw the day come, and the night again; the day, the night; the time go by; the house of death relieved of death; the room left to herself and to the child; he heard it moan and cry; he saw it harass her, and tire her out, and when she slumbered in exhaustion, drag her back to consciousness, and hold her with its little hands upon the rack; but she was constant to it, gentle with it, patient with it.