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As John Henry Cardinal Newman wrote, "Whene'r across this sinful flesh of mine / I draw the Holy Sign, / All good thoughts stir within me and renew / Their slumbering strength divine; / Till there springs up a courage high and true /To suffer and to do."
Looking like something out ofAlice in Wonderland, the slumbering trio were photographed by conservationist Steve Robinson.
If the building tops the BBC2 Restoration poll of buildings worthy of being saved at 9pm, pounds 2.5m will be used to revive the slumbering art deco treasure.
Vincent Hospital's 105,000-SF lease at 450 West 33rd St., Midtown South recorded 470,000 SF of activity in May, well ahead of May 2002's slumbering pace of 170,000 SF.
Throckmorton was slumbering on a warm, late July day.
Most parents know how hard it is to rouse slumbering teenagers but now medics in the US reckon it could be because they need more sleep than the rest of us as they're growing fast.
Besides, it's huge, and we're only talking about drilling on a mere 1.5 million acres, which might conceivably force some slumbering, parasitic, blind ice worms to seek new frost-ilicious quarters, but as it's approximately three light-years from the nearest Interstate, hence not in what you might call my backyard, it inhabits a pretty gosh darn low position on my immediate worries priority list.
Since animals can't describe their dreams, researchers have never known exactly what dances through their slumbering heads.
Brian Pearce, fresh from landing a sizeable touch at Southwell on Monday, was again all smiles after Slumbering had followed up a recent Sandown success in the six-furlong handicap.
The Slumbering Volcano: American Slave Ship Revolts and the Production of Rebellious Masculinity.
Created of slab after slab of thick clay slowly kneaded together into massive, aloof, almost slumbering cylindrical forms, these monumental works sometimes recall the heads found on Easter Island.