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It's certainly not his towering, powerful form, or slumberous, inviting green eyes!
The once slumberous narrow streets of north Nicosia's old town are vibrant in the thrum of a coffee-fuelled awakening.
(25) He was "one tame and mild / As grazing ox," somnolent in "days of peace and slumberous calm" (2:66-67, 335)- His fall changes all that.
"Dekh Tamasha Dekh" (DTD), directed by theatre legend Feroz Abbas Khan (of "Tumhari Amrita" fame) is a jolting wake-up call for a nation swept into a slumberous silence by the status quo.
All told, in the first quarter of 2014, these prices increased merely 0.4% from year-ago levels, which is almost the same slumberous rate of inflation reported a year ago.
Dawn being the time when dreams abound, I have a problem keeping steady during the Mass, but on the whole I emerge victorious in my struggle to pay attention to the rite, although I sometimes lose a skirmish and slip into a slumberous state.
The reader must not, from any testimony of mine, contract a dislike towards our slumberous stream.
So still thy white robes fell!--no breath of air Within their long and slumberous folds had sway!
While Ostrowski's painting F (Plotzlich Prinzessin) (F | Suddenly Princess |), 2011, approximates the same kind of pale, slumberous ground (assisted by layers of white paper), he then streaks it with two blue vertical, parallel lines that conjure graffiti.
There are water hazards on three of the first four holes and I was pleased with the way I negotiated my way around the first two of them, only to fall foul of my bete noire, the fourth, where I dunked in the lake much to the annoyance of the slumberous swans.
Reading "The Lotos-Eaters," for example, Armstrong argues that Tennyson's "slumberous cadences betray a real anxiety, as they struggle to represent a materialism which actually makes consciousness more and more phantasmal." (6)
A polite translation would be, 'Rouse yourself, you slumberous chap, and carry your posterior down here'." "How quaint and strangely poignant," said Cedric.