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While Ostrowski's painting F (Plotzlich Prinzessin) (F | Suddenly Princess |), 2011, approximates the same kind of pale, slumberous ground (assisted by layers of white paper), he then streaks it with two blue vertical, parallel lines that conjure graffiti.
There are water hazards on three of the first four holes and I was pleased with the way I negotiated my way around the first two of them, only to fall foul of my bete noire, the fourth, where I dunked in the lake much to the annoyance of the slumberous swans.
A polite translation would be, 'Rouse yourself, you slumberous chap, and carry your posterior down here'.
the mouth rich, full, a little loose, the hot, slumberous, secretive eyes, the inklike hair with its faint but unmistakable wiriness--all the ineradicable and tragic stamp of negro blood'" (134).
An insight into the world of people who engage in unusual activities during their sleep, including a man who claims to be able to draw works of art in his slumberous state.
I just want to thank you for your slumberous Presence.
Such a society--we live in one now--will gleefully welcome all the labor-saving devices it can until in every human endeavor the need for rousing the slumberous, somatic mass has been obviated.
Throughout the '70s and '80s, the animation scene was less than memorable, and even the studio that made its name with ``Bambi,'' ``Pinocchio,'' ``Cinderella'' and ``Sleeping Beauty had fallen into slumberous times.
of any earthly or heavenly thing; it is a wide-spread inarticulate slumberous mumblement.
Every Boy's Got One, Meg Cabot - Every Boy's Got One is digital-age take on the epistolary format, telling the tale of an Italian elopement; Cabot's LBB is a personal narrative of her own secret marriage in the slumberous Italian town of Diana San Pietro.