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It was, perhaps, rather early in the morning to get up a concert, and the audience prematurely aroused from their slumbers, might not possibly pay their entertainer with coin bearing the Mikado's features.
All was cool and still, and the Elves glided silently about, lest they should break their slumbers.
All were instantly at work; a strong pen was soon constructed for the horses, after completing which, they resumed their slumbers with the composure of men long inured to dangers.
My heart beat calmly as that of one who slumbers in innocence.
Arousing from the most profound of slumbers, we break the gossamer web of some dream.
Thence the thousand cries, the thousand railleries, the thousand laughs, one of which, more brilliant than the rest, had startled the birds in the gardens, and disturbed the slumbers of Monsieur's guards.
His right hand grasped a musket; and, to judge from the violent action of his features, his slumbers were bringing back a vision of the conflict of which he was one of the few survivors.
I felt sufficiently safe, therefore, and composed myself to my slumbers forthwith.
You are aware that I am not a very sound sleeper, and since I have been on guard in this house my slumbers have been lighter than ever.
Meantime we can only renew our interrupted slumbers.
The smiling lips tensed to the nervous shock of a momentary agony which the conscious mind never apprehended, and then the dead sank limply back into that deepest of slumbers from which there is no awakening.
The latter, having made a few overtures of friendship which passed unnoticed, resumed his slumbers.