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6 months of falling oil prices, investors are worrying that the prolonged slump is signaling a weaker global economy.
It is predicted that athletes who attribute negative performances to internal, stable, personal-uncontrollable causes will report having experienced more unexplained slumps during their sporting career.
The proven Ready Slump system is the first truck-mounted process control system that can accurately measure, adjust and document concrete slump from the time a truck is loaded until it is poured.
There will be little risk of a sharp slump in house prices or an accident among domestic mortgage lending institutions.
If the permafrost thaws too rapidly for water to drain from the soil, the saturated sediment slumps into the lake.
It's the same as other slumps I have had - a slump is a slump," said Faldo after shooting 73 for 219.
Each wave is successively higher as technology improves, but there are slumps between the waves.
Lower prices may be in store for unsaturated polyester resins sometime this quarter if styrene monomer prices start to decline as expected and slumps in the resins' key markets continue.
Premium income growth is forecast to pick up for many lines in 2007 with the result that insurers profitability should suffer less in this soft cycle than in previous slumps.
Tracy cited past pitching slumps Carrara has worked his way out of as a reason to believe the right-hander will work his way out of this one, too.
Using a full-scale simulator, researchers have shown that just a small difference in soil density determines whether a landslide becomes a fast-moving killer or merely one that slowly slumps downhill.