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While all other slurs are offensive and demeaning, political slurs, which are playful insults against political opponents with reference to the nature of politics that they pursue, are accepted as a normal part of politics.These slurs, apart from their deriding aspects, sometimes are the true reflections of the conduct of the politicians in general, and sometimes of a particular politician.
An array of events over less than 2 years in which high-profile individuals have been punished for emitting slurs appears to be almost endless.
But the brunt of his racial slurs came by way of his description of Filipinos, which he said were better off working as maids and toilet lickers.
The original Slur Exercises and Chromatic Octaves has long been a valuable supplement assisting the advancing student toward "greater strength and fluency in his fingers," stated Segovia.
The conclusion is the following: in Hom's examples, there is no non-derogatory, non-appropriated use of the slur "chink," because there is no real use, but only what I have called a mimicked use, that is, an utterance that does not give rise to any of the typical presuppositions and commitments of real uses.
Robinson and finally leaving, swearing at the selectman as he left and yelling an anti-gay slur off camera.
Blood in the Water - Larry Taylor's Anti-Semitic Slur
Last month, Kobe Bryant of the Los Angeles Lakers was fined $100,000 for directing the same slur toward a referee.
The slur angered journalists in Arizona and elsewhere, and Lacey made a public apology.
Gayhab is obviously just the latest twist in the slur rehabilitation biz.
Coulter made the homophobic slur about Edwards, a Democratic presidential candidate, during a Friday speech at the Conservative Political Action Conference.
Jake made his annual slurred congratulations (what do you call a mix between a slur and a mumble?