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As noted above, college campuses have been the scenes of numerous incidents resulting from the use of slurs.
Yet, it would be misguided to think that in these circumstances we face standard uses of the slur.
Separate listings in each movement's critical report then elucidate these emendations by dividing them into categories of general (covering such matters as varying tempo indications and fingerings), variants of pitch and duration, slurs and ties, staccato marks, ornaments, and dynamics.
Where background investigations disclose habits of bigoted speech, as in ethnic slurs, racial epithets, gender insults, and the like, those habits of conduct may be entirely sufficient to disqualify applicants.
In fact the meaning of articulation marks under a slur was already a problem in the middle of the 18th century and has continued to cause confusion among performers.
But what if Daniel Snyder were to reach into the muck of that lockbox and pull out a substitute slur for his team?
77); (3) that we consider the following case, "when S is a slur normally used to target blacks, and the utterer of (17) [provided in (5) below] points6 to, say, a person of Swedish decent" (p.
Coulter followed up her slur against Edwards with a note on her Web site saying Edwards' campaign manager -- former Congressman David Bonior -- "is fronting for Arab terrorists".
The sound of the ball being caught is quieter than when it hits the floor--a typical two-note slur sound.
However, the projection behaviors of slur words pose a challenge to truth conditional semantics.