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Philip Scholfield and Fern Britton were clearly puzzled by her behaviour and Philip asked: "You've got the body sorted but your speech is a bit slurred.
She then admitted her speech may be slurred but said it was because she was taking prescription drugs.
202), such slurs were in any case meant to betoken a wider-ranging legato, which would produce yet another effect, again unsettling when we have been conditioned to hear the slurred pairs as intrinsic to the music's expressive identity.
Someone with intermittently slurred speech, or with allergies for that matter, can maintain 2 voice profiles, and switch between them as necessary.
During the interview, Kerry slurred her words and frequently looked around the studio, calling for her husband, ex-cabbie Mark Croft.
At one point, Phillip asked her: "You don't seem right to me, you've got the body sorted but your speech is a bit slurred - how are you feeling?
He said the people who spent time with her before she went on had "no cause for concern" and it was only when she was in the studio that her speech appeared slurred.
Football legend George Best swore and slurred his way through adrunken interview with Terry Wogan in 1990
The symptoms may include: slurred speech, vocal harshness, lowered volume, change in tone and speech rhythm, inappropriate stress and a reduced rate of speaking.
I had severe fatigue, numbness and slurred speech, among other symptoms," she recalls.
A Raleigh, North Carolina man still struggles with slurred speech, although he says his speech used to be much worse.