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Frohlich, with no apparent sense of inconsistency, in the violin method section of his Musikschule showed dots beneath a slur as meaning slurred staccato, having earlier shown it as meaning portato.
Haydn, an active violinist throughout his career, would have been conversant with the use of both notations for a slurred staccato.
It is evident from one of his letters that he knew and admired the slurred staccato; he described the playing of Franzl to his father in 1777, saying: ~He has too a most beautiful clear, round tone.
He grew up during a period when the Viotti school was rapidly gaining dominance and the slurred staccato was an essential part of every aspring string player's technique, and it seems clear that not all the passages which he notated with dots under a slur are meant to be played portato.
At one point, Phillip asked her: "You don't seem right to me, you've got the body sorted but your speech is a bit slurred - how are you feeling?
He said the people who spent time with her before she went on had "no cause for concern" and it was only when she was in the studio that her speech appeared slurred.
Football legend George Best swore and slurred his way through adrunken interview with Terry Wogan in 1990
BRIT ODD: Fern struggles with Kerry; GONE THE SOFA: Kerry's eyes were half shut at times and she slurred and waffled her way through the interview
I had severe fatigue, numbness and slurred speech, among other symptoms," she recalls.
A Raleigh, North Carolina man still struggles with slurred speech, although he says his speech used to be much worse.